As a keen cyclist I have found that Tracey's sports massages are very beneficial. Having a regular one hour massage treats my legs and also keeps my back, shoulders and neck free of the stiffness and pain I otherwise suffer. After a long ride I often go for a shorter half hour treatment focused on my legs which helps me recover faster from muscle fatigue.”



' I first had Tracey's massage 9 years ago and I keep coming back for more! They have helped me through periods of emotional and physical stress, and remain an important time of release and relaxation for me every month. '

"My name is Phill and competed in throwing the Javelin to International standard until I injured my back in 2002 during a training incident and this finished my Athletics career. I have been visiting Tracey since 2006 and the weekly treatments I receive have made a huge difference to how my back feels - so much so I resumed my Athletics career in 2007. I never thought I'd be able to throw again and I owe all it down to Tracey's brilliance!

Thank you Tracey for getting me back on the track and for all the hard work keeping me in one piece!"


 "Although I have been enjoying a relaxing massage from Tracey for years, the benefits following major surgery were just staggering. She kept mobility in my joints while I healed and prevented adhesions which would have made my recovery painful and longwinded. Being an athlete herself gives her an insight into the wear and tear a body can encounter in training and competition that I appreciate enormously. Her treatments leave me invigorated and refreshed like a good yoga session, all the knots and tension get dissolved along with the aches and inflexibility brought on by exertion and fatigue. She brings the same professionalism to a soothing, pampering aromatherapy treatment as she does if I'm all broken and need careful, considered therapy. 10/10!"


"I have tried alot of massage therapist in the Lancaster area, I highly recommend Tracey to many of my friend for injury or relaxation.
Tracey is my regular therapist and I look forward to each session. The sessions are great value and Tracey is incredibly personable and responsive to both physical and emotional needs
on the day. Tracey listens well and has got to know my body and it's quirks and tailors the massage accordingly, providing a quality, personal
bespoke service, I highly recommend booking a session to see for yourself!"


I have been having monthly massage with Tracey for approx 8 years. Tracey is exceptionally good and uses a variety of essential oils to suit me, e.g. camomile to relax or bergamot to uplift.

I recommend massage for both relaxation and therapeutic purposes. I find it uplifting and I believe it keeps my immune system healthy as I never catch colds. My work colleagues and friends always comment on this.  In the past I have had problems with pain in my lower back, massage maintains good pain management in this area. I have not suffered with back problems since visiting Tracey.  I build massage sessions into my relaxation time and the benefits are enormous. It is money well spent to keep me healthy and works out at £1 per day which is good value for money.

I recommend massage to anyone with muscular problems and for general well being.”

Gerry (Lancaster)